It’s right and good!

Its right and good!

Someone once said when life gives you lemons make lemonade. Easier said than done. When life’s issues rise up it is easy to get discouraged. Maybe you prayed for something and it’s not happening quick enough. Maybe you’re in a season where it seems like everything you do fails. Or maybe you lost a love one or you are battling an illness. This is the time God will show you what you are made off. You are stronger than you think. 

It is not always easy to see God’s master plan. The awesome thing is that he knows what we will face before we ever face it. We must remember where our strength comes from. When we try to do it alone we realize just how weak we are. God’s strength is perfect. He is our source and all of our help comes from him. I promise you if you rely and lean on him, he won’t let you down.

People will ask you where are you getting all this strength from, if I went through what you went through I would be a mess right now, how are you holding on…and your reply will be by the grace of God.

Whatever the Lord allows in your life is right and good. Things will work together for your good. It may not be the outcome you expected but God knows all and see all. There is a bigger plan greater than what our eyes can see. There will be situations and circumstances that are just unavoidable but just know God holds the world in his hands and the times when you feel things are the hardest is when God is carrying you through.

-Jessica Briel