“If Your Dream Doesn’t Scare You, It’s Too Small”

Do your dreams scare you? 

As a child I had a pretty big imagination. I was a huge Disney fan and I really believed in fairytales.

“A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you are fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heart aches, whatever you wish for, you keep. Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling thru. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing the dream that you wish will come true” -Cinderella

“When you wish upon a star makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires, will come to you” -Disney’s Pinocchio

These songs make it sound so simple, just make a wish and it will come true, but we all know that is not real life. It is not enough to dream but we have to put in the work to make our dreams come true.

Not to mention real life comes with complications, things that will try to detour us from achieving our dreams. Things that will make you want to give up all together. 

Or maybe you feel you are not good enough or qualified enough to have what you desire. You feel your dream is so far from where you are right now that you couldnt possibly attain it.

That’s when its okay to go back to that childlike mindset. You know when you truly believed. Then you can tell yourself anything is possible. You just have to be willing to step out on faith. There is no time limit in accomplishing your dreams. The only person who will get in your way is you.

I know its hard because in my short adult life I have become more of a realist. I was ready to settle for just mediocre days. I was getting complacent with the way things were. Then I stumbled on this quote “If your dream doesn’t scare you, it’s too small. That’s when I realized I was limiting myself from having all I truly deserved. 

So what if it doesn’t work out or if I make a few mistakes, at least I tried it right. I have to tell myself it is okay if you are unsure about the unknown. It’s okay to even be afraid. Just do it!

Do you really want to wake up one day and see how life has passed you by and you never had the courage to DO! Its not enough just to dream. Have faith in your dreams and trust God for guidance.

I encourage you to write your dreams down, you may not be able to share them with anyone cause they may not understand. Start that vision board, take a class, start the business, write the book, etc. Whatever God had laid on your heart lets try to make our dreams a reality and be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire!

-your ordinary girl

Happy Anniversary…already?

I can’t believe I just hit my one year anniversary for my blog. It all started as a way of therapy for me. I was in a new place, new job, and going through somethings emotionally. I would usually just write in my journal but decided to take a different approach. I give credit to my Mom who would tell me you need to write a book after she would read a 150 character facebook post. Gotta love Moms. So I thought blogging would be a good way to test her idea. 

Why did I ever believe I had something to say, or that people would want to read it? All I know is I will try to be more consistent. I have always kept a journal. I love to write things down on a date and go back and read them again. It is my way of keeping up with my goals, progress I have made or how I was feeling at that time.  

Grammer police, don’t arrest me.  I will do better.  My goal is to focus on better writing this year.  Thanks to all that have ever read, like, commented anything I have ever written.  

My hope is that I will encourage or inspire you in someway through my own experiences.  I am just learning, growing and figuring it all out as I go.

Just thinking…

Growing up in church, I didn’t hear to many feel good messages. You know the messages that teach you how to go after your dreams, obtain wealth, be motivated and inspired to get through your week. The sermons that tell you your blessing is on the way, it’s your season and the favor of God is on your life. 

Now don’t get me wrong I love these type of messages. It’s just as a child, What I mostly remember hearing was you need to get right with God. My grandfather praying “Cast the devil out of my mind!” Sermons telling us to get before the Lord and stay on the altar, cry out to God for deliverance. They preached about Hell. They preached about consecration. Most sermons were a rebuke, or about repentance. It wasn’t nothing for a prophet to call you out and tell you your life’s story….and no one was offended because that person was ministering under the power of God.

Which do your prefer??

All I know is I love God, and He said if you love me you will keep my commandments. If you don’t love God you are excused. As a Christian, I am not perfect, but by the grace of God I believe he is able to keep me from falling. I never want to sin purposefully. But if I do sin, I know I need to ask God for forgiveness. I don’t believe I can just live my life doing whatever and still go to Heaven, which is my ultimate goal. Again, if you don’t believe you are excused.  

I am a #believer…of God’s word! 

Choose who you will serve!