You Know My Name

I am Jessica Briel….

The rest is to be determined. One thing I do know for sure is who I am is not based on a my last name. You may have been a wife but now divorced or a widow. You may have been a mother but you lost a child. You may have been a daughter but your parents are no longer living. You may have been an employee but you lost your job. You may have had a bunch of money in the bank and now you find yourself struggling.

Whatever your past, present or future title, it does not define who you are. You have to learn who you are despite of your accomplishments, failures, position, status or circumstances. You can’t depend on a person, place or thing to validate you.

The question we all need to ask ourselves is who am I? Do you know what makes you happy? If you didn’t have the position, if you lost your job, if you lose the house, if your children grow up and move out of the house…who are you?

We all have a purpose and a reason for being on this earth. God made you special with a unique ability, gift, talent, skill that only you can give to the world.

He knows who you are better than you know yourself. If you are struggling to find your place continue to look inside and self-reflect.

I’m so glad God knows my name. He walks with me and He talks with me. He tells me I am his own.

-Jessica Briel

You know my name by Tasha Cobbs

You Know My Name