The Power Of Confession Changed My Life

How many times have you heard someone say your words have power, or if you grew up in church like me, you may have heard the scripture about the power of life and death being in your tongue.  Well I have heard this all my life, I applied the scripture in some areas of my life but not all. For example, I would never say something awful to a person like I hope you die or get hit by a car. I mean I didn’t believe my words had the power to kill someone but it was out of principle.

It wasn’t until early this year when realized the true meaning of this scripture.  How I could use my words to transform and renew my mind.  Confessing the scriptures and speaking positive affirmations is what has brought me out of some of my deepest and darkest times this year. It all started with losing my job unexpectedly.  The loss of my job had me feeling burden down with rejection. I had been at this job for 9 plus years and I couldn’t even get rehired with the company doing another position.  I felt betrayed and had all sorts of anxiety about finding a new job.  I had been attending New Light Church were Pastors IV & Bridget Hilliard taught on the power of confessions. They taught on confessions so much it made me uncomfortable at first because I thought we were just reciting words that sounded good, but out of obedience I said them anyway.  Then on Saturdays I attended Woodland Church’s Job Support Group, and they would spend half of the meeting teaching us to make confessions.  Again, I thought how is this going to help me find a job.  Nevertheless, I kept attending and making my confessions.  I didn’t even realize how my mood improved and my anxiety began to decrease.  Then I attended Work Faith Connection, a non-profit career bootcamp for 8 days, and each morning we were encouraged to speak confessions. God was setting me up for success.

So each day I continued to speak the word of God over my life.  I would tell myself God is on my side, I will not fear, you are an overcomer, you are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of God, you are a new creature predestined for greatness, you are a child of a king.  I was getting stronger and stronger in my faith.  My confidence grew leaps and bounds.  I no longer feared not getting a job, but I had hope to believe that the right job would come to me.  It wasn’t like I didn’t have a degree, or skills, or expertise. I just lacked the mental ability to see beyond what I was going through. See when your mind is consumed with negative thoughts it spills over into your actions.  It can change the way someone perceives you.  It can change the way you see yourself.  Speaking positive confessions gave me the power to see pass what I was going through and look towards a brighter future.

I had filled out several applications, had several phone interviews, and no offers.  I still kept the faith, knowing that what was meant for me would be.  I didn’t speak anything negative but I kept saying things like, “And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others” and “God’s going to put you on somebody’s mind who’s in position to restore what you lost”.  I was applying for jobs weekly, networking and using all my skills I had learned for my career coaches.  Then one day I came across a job posting that had my name writing all over it. I knew I was a great fit for it.  I told myself this was mine. I got my interview attire together, tailored my resume to the position and researched the company.  I just knew they would call me and I knew I would get the interview.  I felt it in my spirit.  A few days later, I got the call, went on the interview and knock it out of the park.  The same day they called and told me I had the job. Not even 24 hours later.  I knew it was God, and I knew it was because I was mentally prepared to do the work.

I had to let go all the anxiety, sadness and depression to become something greater, stronger, and wiser.  You can’t let bitterness and anger hold you back from getting what you deserve.  When you dealing with those negative emotions it shows, you give off the wrong vibes and you attract just what you are putting out.  When you began to speak positively and believe what you say and think wholeheartedly, you can have what you will.

I am learning more and more that I need to renew my mind daily. That I have to continue to say what God’s says about me. I have to believe in who’s I am, who God says I can be, what God says I can have. Its only when I do this I feel better and attract better opportunities.

If you don’t believe me try it for yourself.  I had to fake it till I believed it myself. I kept saying affirmations until I believed what I was saying was true.  Many successful people use affirmations, quotes, scriptures and confessions.  It’s key to you having a positive self-image, self-awareness and healthy mental state of mind.  Your words matter! You have the power!