There are some people who can walk through life without any worry or stress. They simply enjoy life. They live in the moment. They know where they are headed in life and they don’t fear when they don’t know every detail. And then there is me.

I tend to overthink everything. I question everything. If my life came with a minute by minute playbook of who, what, and when things were going to happen, I would be overjoyed. But life isn’t like that and no matter how much you plan or try to predict what is going to happen, you can’t. Life happens and sometimes you have to just go with the flow.

Overthinking will cause you to miss opportunities.  You will be so busy wondering if you are doing the right thing and you will talk yourself out of a blessing. Just because you don’t have all the details doesn’t mean the situation won’t work out. Being consumed with worry is just another tool the enemy will use to distract you.

Let’s look at the story of Mary and Martha. Jesus comes to visit their home.  If I were to guess, I would say that Martha was an overthinker. I bet she had been ripping and running all day trying to prepare things for Jesus’s visit.  I can only imagine she was a perfectionist, and she wanted things to be just right for the Master Teacher.

While Jesus was teaching, Martha was busy preparing a big dinner for him. The story says her sister Mary was at the foot of Jesus listening to his every word. Martha was so distracted by what she thought she needed to be doing, she couldn’t allow herself to live in that precious moment.

I mean he was no ordinary man. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and she was about to allow it to pass her by. Not only was she so concerned about what she had planned, but she actually asked Jesus to tell Mary to come and help her because she was alone doing all the work.

Jesus replies to her saying, “My dear Martha, you are worried and upset over all these details!” “There is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and it will not be taken away from her.”‭‭Luke‬ ‭10:41-42‬ ‭NLT‬‬.

Mary was seizing the moment. Mary saw the rare opportunity in front of her and took full advantage. Mary realized that whatever she thought was more important was no longer a priority.

I’m learning how to be more like Mary and less like Martha. This is the same Mary that took a 12-ounce jar of very expensive perfume and poured in on his feet and dried in with her hair. I bet you Martha would have over thought the decision to do that. She would’ve questioned the value of doing something so out of the ordinary. She may have even reacted like the other disciples and said what a waste!

But when life happens you have to be willing to adjust. You will not be able to plan out each minute of every day. If you overthink a situation or become so focused on knowing all of the details, you will miss out on some of your life’s biggest opportunities. Don’t let things distract you from what is really important.

The biggest difference I see between Mary and Martha is their points of view. I’m still learning how to relax and enjoy life as it comes. I’m learning how to be open to change. I’m learning how to put my hope, faith and trust in God. I’m learning how to Just Breath.

God has the master plan. He has orchestrated your life from day one. All you have to do is rest in him and his promises. Spend time with him and his word. Make time to give him worship and praise. Sit back and watch God blow your mind.