Healing For Your Soul

The Hospital is a place where sick or injured people are given care or treatment and where children are born, according to Merriam-Webster. It is the place we go to seek medical experts on our conditions. We don’t know everything about our bodies so when we have a need we must seek treatment. 

We understand this to be true in the natural but what about the spiritual. Where do we go when our spiritual man is ill, where do we go for treatment? Who is the expert in matters of the heart.

My pastor has often told us that he would rather be in church than the best hospital. At church we have seen many people healed from sicknesses and diseases. It doesn’t just stop there,  the church is a place to find healing for your soul. 

When you feel burdened down and discouraged, the church should be the place you are uplifted and find peace. Whatever you are being tormented with, God can free you! Or maybe you are struggling with the everyday challenges of life, God can give you joy in times of sadness!

It’s not about the people that attend because that’s not why you go. Often times the people sitting on your row are as sick as you are. They are wounded people looking to be made whole just like you. 

When I step into a church service the first thing on my mind is entering his gates with thanksgiving and praise. My desire is to be in his presence. There is something powerful when people come together to worship the Lord. When praises go up, the Blesser comes down to meet your needs. He comes to heal, restore, renew and transform you. 

It is in that service where you can be born again. If you let go and let God you will see a change. Forget about who is around, or who may be looking at you and get into the presence of God! 


2 thoughts on “Healing For Your Soul

  1. “Get into His presence!” #loveit Losing sight of His presence & focusing on the people will blind you! #beenthere Keep writing, very encouraging!

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