Happy Anniversary…already?

I can’t believe I just hit my one year anniversary for my blog. It all started as a way of therapy for me. I was in a new place, new job, and going through somethings emotionally. I would usually just write in my journal but decided to take a different approach. I give credit to my Mom who would tell me you need to write a book after she would read a 150 character facebook post. Gotta love Moms. So I thought blogging would be a good way to test her idea. 

Why did I ever believe I had something to say, or that people would want to read it? All I know is I will try to be more consistent. I have always kept a journal. I love to write things down on a date and go back and read them again. It is my way of keeping up with my goals, progress I have made or how I was feeling at that time.  

Grammer police, don’t arrest me.  I will do better.  My goal is to focus on better writing this year.  Thanks to all that have ever read, like, commented anything I have ever written.  

My hope is that I will encourage or inspire you in someway through my own experiences.  I am just learning, growing and figuring it all out as I go.

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