What is keeping you on your knees 

God is using your pain. The very thing you hate, and the very thing that has caused you much suffering is the thing the Lord allows to perfect you. The things you wish were the most removed from your life are often the very things God is using to shape you, make you into the believer God has called you to be! 

For so long I have been crying why Lord! Take this away Lord! Make it better Lord! Now I am saying prepare me, strengthen me, shape me, mold me, perfect me! Make me better! I mean Paul was a prisoner, Jesus was crucified! So this pain and strife will produce purpose and it will work together for my good! I can’t see it, but I expect it! 

It’s the enemy’s job to make you feel all alone. Like you are the only one in the world that has gone through this. He wants you to feel isolated and depressed. He would want you to drown yourself in your suffering. Throwing yourself a pity party allowing life to suffocate the little oxygen you feel you have left. But it is a trick! 

I can be glad knowing God sees and won’t put more on me than I can bear. Yes I want a child, yes I want a problem free marriage, yes I want to live without financial burdens. Yes, you may have just lost a family member, yes you may have just received devastating news from the doctor. Yes, your children are driving you mad, yes your life may seem like it is turning upside down. Yes we will all go through somethings. I just pray it keeps you on your knees crying out to God. Then after you have suffered you will look back and see how you have made it over! 


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