Getting Older

I will be 33 this year and it seems like I was just 23 last week. It is amazing how time flies. So many parts of my life are just a distant photograph in my mind. Here are 10 things that have changed for me in the last couple of years, maybe these are true for you. Let me know what you think or what changes you have seen in yourself.

1. I enjoy being at home instead of going out

2. Cooking for my family has become gratifying 

3. I seem to be gaining weight in all the wrong places

4. You start to have pains you never felt before

5. Prescription glasses are your new favorite accessory 

6. You think about saving money more than spending 

7. You shop at store like Pier 1, Home Goods and Bed Bath and Beyond

8. You try not to you fall asleep at the movies

9. You enjoy going out on dates during the day

10. When you look in the mirror you see you Mom


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