Dear God

I just want to say thank you! Most of all because of who you are. You are Lord! My King! My Father! What an awesome privilege it is to be your daughter. Thank you for your grace. Thank you for your mercy. I don’t deserve your love but you love me anyway. All creation declares your glory and splendor. What can compare to you? Words can’t even describe your greatness. Yet you still look out for me. What is man that thou art mindful of him? 

Lord, keep me, save me, wash me. As the deer pants after the water, so does my soul long for you. You are my desire. Nothing else matters. When I stumble, forgive me, create in me a clean heart. Give me a heart like yours. Help me stay on my knees. I want to be in your presence. Pass the gates, through the courts into the holies of holies. Lord, whatever you are doing in this season, don’t do it without me. 

Lord, let this prayer not be just empty words, but hear my prayer. Make it acceptable unto you. Show me your glory and your power so I might serve you. It’s all for your glory, all for your kingdom. You don’t need me but I need you. I don’t want to make a move without you. Help me decrease my flesh so that your spirit will increase in me. I want to walk with you daily. I will forever chase after you…




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